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Eyes are windows into the imagination. Inspired by the concept of the golden rule, I paint images I'd like to see materialize in real life. I treat my work of art as if it is living, being conscious of my audience and knowing that when they look at my artwork they are subconsciously receiving a message and I want that massage to bring about things I care about. It is inspired by history, culture, travel, and time. My love of theatre, film, and music accentuates the drama behind what I do. I work in a range of media and mediums including watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting as well as color and black and white photography. Although silent, my illustrations, paintings, and photographs are not just pretty pictures - they have stories to tell. I welcome you to let your eyes reveal them. Ian Fleming had a golden typewriter to create James Bond. I have a golden paintbrush to create art with my own secret mission: positive manifestations for people and the planet.


A graduate of Santa Clara University's Theatre and Fine Art Department, Jennifer Jigour has been a visual artist for fifteen years in the areas of fine art painting, photography, theatre design, and film. She has worked as a set designer, scenic artist, costumer, and make-up artist for many Bay Area theatres and independent films. A filmmaker herself, she collaborated on several short films with Erin Maxwell. Both Jennifer and Erin co-founded Queer Girl Theatre Project in San Francisco, CA. She also collaborated as a storyboard artist for Rolla Selbaks' feature film, Three Veils. Jennifer worked on her graphic novel, Secret Agent Moscow, for over five years, which marked her debut as a writer and illustrator in 2013. Secret Agent Moscow was voted in the top 12 LGBT graphic novels by The Advocate in 2014. Her artwork has been shown at the prestigious Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Jennifer's artwork can also be found at Gallery Erato in Seattle Washington. From June 2019 to 2022 she joined the board of directors of the Northern Californian Women's Caucus for Art (NCWCA) as the Professional Development Chair. In December 2022 she emigrated to Western Australia where she currently lives and is working on developing a new series of art and stories coming soon in 2024.


In 2019 Jennifer Jigour created the persona of The Erotic Art Ambassador, A glorified art docent who speaks of behalf of other erotic artist from around the world theatrical and cinematic costumes and performance that reflect each artist’s personality and works of art. She has spoken about other people’s artwork in Seattle and London. In the epic year of 2020, when art shows and festivals had all been postponed or canceled, Jennifer turned the Erotic Art Ambassador into a web series. With the support from the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Jennifer Jigour aka The Erotic Art Ambassador highlighted seven erotic artists who were accepted to SEAF2020. The purpose of these films was so celebrate, support and uplift the art and the artists during the turbulent times of 2020. All Erotic Art Ambassador films From Season one can be found on YouTube.  

In September 2020, Jennifer is took the Erotic Art Ambassador to the online International Festival of Erotic Arts as the guide to erotic art and expression. The Festival took place on September 25th-27th.

In 2022 she returned as the as The Erotic Art Ambassador at the Erotic Art Exhibition London.




Artist photo by Sophie Spinelle of Shameless Photography

Photo by Zest

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